Monday, July 30, 2012

We're Home

After a long week of priming, painting, getting flooring, and moving all of our stuff, last night was the first night Jordan and I slept in our house. It was surreal. It was amazing. It was peaceful. But maybe that's because I was so exhausted! Jordan and my brother did all of the heavy lifting. I packed a lot of the smaller things and brought them to the cars and truck. I'm not sure how both of them lifted all that stuff out of our apartment and then, again, into our house. I'm amazed. Jordan also took apart and put back together 2 ikea beds. I accidentally dropped a piece on my foot. Jordan got a few cuts and bruises I am sure.

We still need to paint our dining room/ living room, hallway, and guest bathroom. Other than that we are waiting for our bathrooms and kitchen to be cleaned before putting anything away! Oh yeah, and putting up curtain rods and shower curtains. We definitely still have a lot to do so stick around to see how it goes!

Jordan just reminded me to tell the blog people how great of a job he is doing. He is doing an amazing job. He lifted most of the stuff in here. Out the furniture together. Sealed the kitchen tile grout. Made our washer/dryer connectors look pretty. I think there is lots more that I am forgetting.

Goodnight! (Can you tell I wrote this later at night using my phone?)

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