Monday, July 2, 2012

First Weekend of Work

We finally had our first weekend of work on the house. Our plan was to make sure everything was off the walls and to demo our bedroom wall. We think we were pretty productive and here is why:

Master Bedroom looking at the closet wall we are taking out:

Hallway looking toward our Master bedroom. We are taking out that wall, too. This will open up the room more.

Imagine this as a cube. This is my awful panoramic of the master bedroom by taking pictures as I kept turning around.

And here we go! Jordan opening up the wall.


I tried sawing through the wall so that I could break it into pieces that would be easier to throw away. My arms were so warm for the rest of the day. I quit after sawing up two holes. After that, I pretended it was 9th grade and I was back on the softball team. My abs got a really good work out.

We got a lot of the front side off and then began taking care of the interior of the closet.

Obviously, this is my hammering face..

And here are the afters!
Hallway, looking toward our bedroom.

In the closet, looking out to our hallway. We're really excited to have this not be a closet space!

In the closet looking out toward the other side of our room.

Want to see what else Jordan was up to? Cooking in the kitchen! His dad helped him get up the first tile. My dad helped with another. My brother smashed a bunch of tiles. Jordan got the whole row up, which neither of us actually took a picture of. That is how tired we were!



It kind of looks like Jordan didn't do any work from these photos but while he was doing all the work I was in the bedroom smashing up our walls, so I wasn't able to take those photos. SO fun! SO messy. We both had drywall, plaster, and tile dust all over us. Jordan also pulled up the dirty carpets, padding, and the staples. He also removed the tacking (is that what it's called?) from the doorways so people can walk through without tripping and getting tetanus.

Good picture, right?

To put a before and after next each to actually see the difference might help, right? Even if I have the incorrect angles...

Today, a contractor started work that we can't do ourselves. 1.) because we are inexperienced. 2) because we don't have the time if we want to be moved in within 4 weeks (well, earlier than that!). While nervous that I'm going to have to go sell my internal organs and get a second job just to pay for this, I am actually really excited to see the change. It will be so amazing! I'm looking forward to checking out what went down while we were at work today.

Stay tuned...

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