Monday, September 30, 2013

Half a Kitchen

This update is a little late. I was trying to wait until we had all of our cabinets painted and hung. Nope dot com.

We have 1 set of cabinet doors hung. Let me show some before photos.

Some cross-eyed painting action from me:


Don't look at the mess!!

What we did was remove the cabinet doors and basically soak them in TSP. This whole kitchen was super gross. I don't know what those old ladies were cooking in here but EW man. Okay, cabinet doors off and cleaned. We gave them to my dad who cut out the middles at his factory. He gave them back to me and I painted them! Jordan then took them to a local glass store and had tempered glass custom cut just for these doors! He then used silicone to attached the glass to the doors and let them dry. They kind of sat around for a little while but recently he hung them up with the new hinges! And voila - amazing!

We haven't attached the knobs, or even put our dishes away. We kind of have a new set of dishes that we received for our wedding. Updated, prettier version of the above picture coming after next month! I've also been searching Craigslist high and low for a buffet/sideboard/cabinet thingy for super cheap that I can makeover and store a bunch of our stuff so that we don't have to keep it in the garage! Gross!! And by super cheap, I mean $50 or under. And shorter than 30 inches. I'll find my mini "china cabinet" someday!

That's the only update I have at the moment. It makes a huge difference AND Jordan installed new hinges so that when you shut the cabinet door it's slow and doesn't slam. I hate slamming. He knows me well. We should get married. Oh...

More updates soon!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer's Finished - Our House is Not

Somehow September showed up and is almost halfway gone. I'm sorry, where did summer go? That went by too fast. Anyway, because it was 100+ degrees here most of the weekends during our summer, I didn't get much painting done. Last weekend I decided to get over it and paint.

Two more cabinets down, the rest of that orangey pile to go. And then Jordo has to hang them. And we have to put the pulls/knobs on them. More on that 5 years from now when we actually get to that!

I forgot to post pictures of our kitchen sink make-over. Jordan did some plumbing work while I was on a work trip in June. Now the water pressure is awesome AND we have a sprayer-thingy. Check out his handiwork!

It makes doing the dishes less crappy. So pretty and it was installed with love... ?

The rest of our house has a bunch of boxes/bags, wedding magazines and cards, and a pile of sweaters that I take off and put in the corner of the couch when I get home from work. I leave you with this last image of a table runner I got last month: