I'm Ashley and I live with my husband, Jordan.
We are from Southern California and purchased our first house together June, 2012. This is us!

Together, we are on a mission to create a home out of this house and make it our own! I have an obsession with wanting to try all sorts of DIY projects after watching HGTV and reading tons of blogs. Jordan just nods his head and says okay. In my mind I am artistic but when I actually create something, not so much. Jordan, on the other hand, has amazing penmanship, can draw well, and has a great eye for things. We both love exploring new & old places and taking photos. We both love food. I love ice cream. He banned me from the freezer. He surfs in the ocean. I surf the 'net. It all works out.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. hey, i know those people!! they look happy together and i bet their house is nice. unfinished... but nice.