Our House

Typically, I think this page would lead you to gorgeous photos of a house. I'm leading you to the photos of the house as we purchased it. These are the listing photos. Stay tuned if you want to find out how we change the place up! I promise this page will be more organized shortly. Thanks for checking out our house!

April 2012

January 2013 - see how we painted our door yellow here!

"Master Bath" - April 2012

January 2013

Backyard, facing the house

Backyard facing the other way!


Front porch - April 2012

January 2013

Front Entry, living room - April 2012

January 2013

Living room, looking at the front door

Dining room, from the front door - April 2012

January 2013

Kitchen "window," looking from living room

Kitchen - April 2012

Remember when we busted up the floor and put in our prettier and more modern tile? Check it out here! November 2012

January 2013 (oh hey, I'm just in the middle of priming!)

Master Bedroom - April 2012

January 2013

Psst... You can see our room from this angle with our friend Dave standing in the doorway on the left here!

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  1. Previous owners sure did stuff it FULL of stuff! It's amazing you had the vision to see the house's good bones under all that furniture and decoration.