Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What's Behind Door #1?

Need a house fix fix? You are in luck! I have some updates for all of yous! (All of you 2 people that read this so far!) What a busy week we had! Jordan had a big birthday last week. We decided to have his party out in our new backyard. I think a few people were a little upset that we weren't letting them inside to peek around BUT it's for their safety. We all remember what happened to my foot! With the ladies wearing cute sandals on their feet it just wasn't ideal - PLUS it was a birthday party, not a house warming. The house warming party WILL happen! We promise. We've been dying to have one for 2 years.

So, what's been going on since the last post? Well, we had our pass-through cut out of our bedroom wall that will lead to our closet. Don't mind our friend Dave.

Oh look! Our new bedroom door is in! It's so seamless that I walked through it and didn't notice it until I turned back around. Wow!

From the hallway.

Closed from the hallway/

Closed from inside our room.

I believe up top it will just be dry-walled. For a split second I entertained the idea of a window or something but realized that with a clear window up there you can see the big, ugly vent. More updates on this as we go!

What else went on? Our plumber came over to put our washer/dryer connectors into the wall. I'm sorry I don't have the before pictures handy but dude, there were full on sticking out. Plus, Jordan was taking a look at the "plaster" on that section because it was flaking. As he was touching it, the wall fell off. Well, a small chunk, it was actually just cardboard laid on top of the wall with paint stuck over it. SERIOUSLY?! Here is what it is looking like now:


It's so pretty! He also removed our dishwasher so that the other guys could get back there for electrical and other stuff I'm sure they said but my brain didn't capture. I think he also may have fixed something under the sink.

And he worked a little magic on our water heater and cleaned up some pipage. New word for today.

I heard that dry walling may be happening sometime this week. Very exciting. Until next time..

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