Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Painting, Moving In, Flooring On

Well hello there. This week we are coming down the finish line to get into our house this weekend. Here are the details:

  • Our apartment lease ends on Monday, July 30th (total coincidence with the way this timing worked out).
  • We are working hard to get the rest of the surfaces painted so that the electrician can come back in to attach our bathroom fans/lights, room fans, light switches, etc.
  • We heard today that our carpet may be installed on Friday or Saturday, which would be awesome so we can put our bedroom together!
  • Not quite sure about the installation of our kitchen/service porch tile floor. To see the look we are going for click here. The writer, Lindsey, of a blog I follow, called Better After, just redid her bathroom floors and we really like the tile color and the layout.
  • If we don't have the tile floor in, grouted, and ready to go, we cannot put the fridge in, install a stove, put the dishwasher back in it's place (and pray that it works right, since it was the only thing the sellers left behind), and we cannot have the washer and dryer installed.
  • If the laminate flooring is not installed we cannot set up our dining table and chairs, our couch or coffee table. Not necessarily a big deal but we will finally be in our house... to live! Wouldn't you want to just put your stuff in it's permanent (until we get sick of it) place?
  • Window treatments. Need them. Everywhere.
  • Oh, don't forget the termite tenting. We will probably end up having to tent after we move in. Don't worry, I will post about this awful experience at a later date when the details are a little more hammered out. Just know that there may be some fraud involved and I may have cried about it.

Last Friday, Jordan and I headed down the 405 to Laguna and met my parents at the Pageant of the Masters (which is amazing, by the way). During our car ride we heard a radio commercial that said Sherwin Williams was having a sale for 40% paint! SOLD! Saturday morning we woke up, had some breakfast, rode over to our house to just glance at our walls to see how much work we had to, and then took the drive over to our local Sherwin Williams store... in North Hollywood. Let me just say that Sherwin Williams employee, Rich, is amazing. He was really patient with us while we told him we needed this and that. He didn't push any products on us. He was really helpful with suggestions when asked. When we didn't have set colors in mind he told us not to rush and buy the paint that day, borrow the fan deck and come back to make the order. Anyway, if you ever need paint, Rich is your guy! We also liked that he was able to talk to us about his own experiences painting. So, we stocked up on a giant 5 gallon bucket of primer, among with these guys:

We were able to prime most of our bedroom and all of the bathroom with 1 coat. The next morning we got up, got in and started our work again. Soon we were joined by Jordan's brother and one of my friends. Look at everyone doing work! Awe!!

Here are a few photos of what one of the built in shelving units next to the fireplace looked like before Jordan got his sander out and before I primed it!

Our plan for these bad boys is to paint the shelves white and the back, which is the wall, a pop of color. Here is an example from another blog, Young House Love:

Anyway, time for our paint color breakdown before it actually goes on the walls!

Living Room/Dining Room/Hallway:
Sherwin Williams Ethereal Mood
Master Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet:
Sherwin Williams Adrift
Guest Bedroom, Bathroom:
Kitchen/Service Porch:
Sherwin Williams Hearts of Palm

Now Jordan picked the kitchen color himself and it's the color I'm the most nervous about. Originally, we wanted to paint the cabinets a rich a blue on the bottom and paint the top cabinets white. With the walls being a greenish color, I think that the bottom cabinets may end up being a charcoal color. That can be done next week. Also, eventually, I think I want to paint our front door yellow or something more fresh than the poop brown that it is right now.

Other projects I want to work on are taking a tall side table of mine, sand it, and "dip dye" the legs with a bright color. Today I got 2 free pints of paint from Benjamin Moore!

I also want to take the broken ass shutters that are currently on some of our windows and sand or paint them to hang on the wall somewhere. More on these another day. More work tonight! Thankfully, our friend Lindsey will be helping us out!

Stay tuned...

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