Thursday, October 1, 2015

Throwback Thursday: 3 Years Ago!

It's time I get back to updating this blog. A lot has happened in the past few months. More on that in the next post. Right now I'm throwing it back to April of 2012! This is what we were workin' with when we walked through the open house.

Inspection day:

That security door is still on but I pained the door bright yellow a few months later!:


On the left we got rid of the old windows and centered a newer, bigger window to our room. To the right we demoed the front porch and laid a plain cement patio instead. It makes the front of the house look bigger and it's not an eye-sore - well not to me! We also got rid of the little window that was in the center of the house and switched around the front door. We bought a brand new door with a sidelight and got a new porch light. We have our house numbers up and now just need a mailbox to attach, a wireless doorbell and a cool doormat. Any suggestions? Budget friendly, please.

We painted the house grey and the chimney white. Picked a new fun color for the door. Construction is done but we still have SO MUCH TO GET DONE! Stay tuned for what's happened in the past couple of months!