Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Smooth It Out

Just finished a Breaking Bad episode... I figured now is a good time to give an update! We stopped over at our house after work and saw the work that was done today. The taper was there and started smoothing out our walls. Unfortunately, with poor light and no before photos it's really a hard thing to show before and after. I did get a few good photos but today will just be a quick snapshot. First photo shows the lovely layers of linoleum. Layer 1 and layer 2. Yikes. And on top of that was that awesome cement paver junk, remember that? For my second photo I have a picture of the (1)kitchen, smoothed out and without the window blinds!! (2) kitchen wall smoothing and patching. Yes, the yucky texture is almost gone! There is a spot that he couldn't get to. Photo from there another time. (3) our bedroom! They are starting to mud over the walls, hooray! (4) our fancy pants dryer vent. It is supposed to pop out when in use and then close when finished so no critters can crawl in! Stupendous, I hate critters.
That's really all I have tonight. I'm updating from my phone - sorry this is short! Goodnight.

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