Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hammer Time

Tonight I got to smash some shit. Well, I got to smash some mirrors. See these uglies?


I'm not quite sure why they added corners on the left... and I'm not sure if we are going to remove them or not. I think we'll smash the other side this weekend.

Jordan took apart the other shower ... I helped! I offered the suggestion of using a xacto blade to slice through the silicone. Worked like a charm! Behold!

Action shot of me unscrewing curtain rod thingies from the wall? Check!

We also removed some tiny shutters from the built-in next to our fireplace and pried off the wood that was there for them to install the shutters.

And bye-bye shutters that frame our window into the kitchen. We think it makes the place look a little bigger. Wow, I can breathe easier already!



We have A LOT of cleaning to do. It is dirty DIRTY .. REALLY dirty in there. I keep finding silverfish in the bathroom. Gross.

Until next time.

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