Thursday, June 21, 2012

From Renter to Homeowner

So, we got our keys, signed the last of our papers and may have freaked the F out for an hour last Monday. Jordan and I went from your average renters to full blown homeowners.

The gravity of the situation wasn't real until it was real, do you know what I mean? As we walked through the, finally, empty house, we saw every nook and cranny that wasn't visible before. Now there are plaster chunks missing from some walls where furniture was screwed in. We can see the damage on the wall that was behind the fridge. We can see how dirty the carpets are - not that those would have a fat chance at staying anyhow. The good news is that it looks like our hardwood floors are in pretty good shape. Deciding on what we want to do is proving to be hard at this point in time.

We are meeting with a handyman this morning to see about our master bedroom wall that needs to be kicked down... And probably will end up asking him a few other "can you's" and "how much"? I will try to take some pictures so that I can properly document the transformation our new "baby" will slowly be going through. Oh man, I hope this guy gives us good news - the last news we heard was that we have to tent our house, ugh.

There are few gems that we've found and loved. In the laundry "room" there is a little ironing board that comes down from the wall. If we just recover it ... Maybe I will actually iron something! Also, the front door handle is pretty great. Who knows if it's original since the house was built in '47 but it will definitely look nice when it's all clean and shiny!

Okay! Time to start the day!

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