Monday, June 11, 2012

No Case of the Mondays Today..

This morning we signed our loan/Escrow documents. By the end of the week (or sooner!) we should have our keys in hand! We can't wait to get in there to see what we have to work with. The sellers had a lot of furniture and personal items inside and it was difficult to see the entire space. We are hoping that everything goes to plan this week so we can get started!

At the end of last week I couldn't control myself and had to make a piece of "art" for our new house. I spent some time finding the fonts and figuring out how I wanted to lay this out. It's definitely nothing new to the Internet but I had some fun putting this together. I "taped" off where it says our address at the top. And I already had this frame with the matte from ikea so it cost me nothing! I'm looking forward to getting dirty with some housework and getting creative with design. Here we go!

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