Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sneak Peek: Master Bedroom In Progress

I thought I'd start a "sneak peek" series. Since we are slowly putting things away (okay, we haven't actually put ANYTHING away) the rooms are starting to come together. Starting with our bedroom, we have our bed all set up complete with TV and TV stand. A few things:

  • 1. We have no door on our bedroom or the master bathroom yet. So that's interesting.
  • 2. We have bald light bulbs just hangin' out. We took off the fixtures when we were painting and are thinking we want to get fresher looking new guys. We haven't yet looked up the prices to see what the cost will be.
  • 3. The table that we used to eat on in our apartment is now the temporary TV stand in our room. The TV that used to be in our living room is now living in our bedroom hooked up to our DVD player.
  • 4. Did I mention that we are trying to the whole we are not paying for television right now? We'll just watch shows on DVD and the internet. So far, not so bad. It's only been 3 days though. I honestly think we might be too busy to even care.
  • 5. The old bedside tables (thank you, Ikea) haven't been put back together, yet.
  • 6. A giant spider tried to eat my face off yesterday morning. While waking up, I opened my eyes and noticed a big black dot walking across the wall above our bed. I screamed. Jordan went and got a little box, captured the spider and put it outside. EW! It was bigger than a quarter! Now when I am in bed I curl up about a foot away from the wall and wake up every few hours to make sure there isn't a spider on me.

So, here is our progress:

*Sorry for the poor photo quality and weird filters. I was trying out the camera+ app and the HDR filter went a little crazy and made everything weird and green. Our bedroom is blue. Also, I am pretty sure I sized this right in Photoshop. Not sure why technology hates me today.

We are actually missing 3 doors. Our bedroom door, the bathroom door, and the closet door, which will actually be a sliding barn door when we get around to it! The windows have temporary vinyl blinds on them that we found at Target for $4.99 and $5.99. You peel off the backing and actually just stick it on the top of the window frame. For now it definitely serves our purpose for privacy while we decide on what to do with our windows. The only bummer is that until figure it out I can't paint the window trim... unless I buy new temp blinds. Seems like a waste of $$$.

Tonight we also bought a microwave. Target's selection wasn't big. And all we need it to do is heat up our food quickly. And we have gift cards there. So... now we have a microwave. It's cute and it kind of matches our stove. More on that in another post. Our bedroom is really all I have to show right now. The rest of the house is still crammed with unpacked boxes, big Hefty trash bags, and no true plan yet.

And because we are living off of DVDs right now, I'd say it's time for some Breaking Bad.


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