Sunday, August 19, 2012

What's Cookin' in the Kitchen?

With every free weekend that we now have you can find us working on our house. While Jordan was sanding one of our doors, I was playing in the kitchen. I took a roll of contact paper that I ordered over a year ago from Amazon (Metal FX Stainless Steel Contact Paper, 18" x 6'), and tried to make the kitchen a little bit more modern looking. I can't say I'm amazed with what I did but it works for now. We have a hand-me down basic white fridge that I wanted to give it a line of steel to match our stove and our microwave, which are both black and steel.

And after:

The backsplash tiles also needed a little modernization. This really was just my way of covering up the picture tiles... It's not that pretty now but at least those tiles are covered! I measured (poorly) and stuck the contact paper on.

And after.

We are going to see if we like this and figure out if we should add more steel tile squares, in a pattern. That might look cool! On another note, we finally got to washing our pots and pans yesterday. That means we were able to cook! Jordan cooked us an awesome meal tonight: artichoke, butternut squash raviolis, and a salad that I saw online and mentioned to him. It has avocado, corn, peas, and bell pepper. It was delicious!

Last week, I mentioned the electrician coming to install some of our light fixtures. Stupid me forgot to take before pictures. But here are some afters! I took 2 photos so you could see the brightness and then the actual fixture. We bought 2 of the round fixture for the kitchen and then realized how giant it was and decided to put the 2nd fixture in our closet, not photographed since it is still a mess!

And of course, an update on our bedroom lighting. We picked out the Cooper Lighting 310SN 6'' Recessed Fixture Trim and installed them into the ceiling. The white ceiling and blue walls definitely are interesting with the metal and black light trim. We really have a lot of light in here.

Tomorrow we may have doors for our bathroom and bedroom! We are having a handyman shave our doors so that they can actually open and close. He is also going to shave the front and back doors and install the thresholds for us. If we had the tools to cut the doors, we would do it ourselves. That's what Jordan was trying to do earlier by sanding the edge down. The sander just wasn't powerful enough. Luckily, it seems that the bedroom and bathroom doors only need a good wipedown. The frames, however, need caulking AND white paint. As do the rest of ALL of the doors in our house. And soon, SOON!, our front door will be yellow. No more poop brown. NO MORE!

Today, I also attempted to make our front porch not look so desolate. I put out a table, placed a potted succulent plant on it that was a house warming gift, and then I planted 2 tiny pots with flower seeds. Picture to come. Maybe I can document the flowers if they actually grow. The last time I tried to grow something was probably a 1989 chia pet. And those things are impossible to mess up.

That's all I have tonight. We're on a roll though, so stay tuned for more progress! There is a yellow front door, a closet barn door, and shatter-proofing/privacy-filming windows on the horizon. Ultra-fun stuff, I know... Good night!


  1. That's impressive that your and your husband are redoing your homes yourselves. I like what you did with the fridge and the food looks so tasty and healthy! :)

  2. mmm artichokes!
    ps: we're having a surprise painting giveaway on our blog this week - you're invited! :-) it's always good to have something new to put on your walls, right?

    1. Totally, I will check it out. Thanks!