Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Current Viewpoint

Please gather 'round while I sit on the soft-carpeted floor of my bedroom and type this post. I'm sad to say that this post is a little bit of a filler while we try and balance exhausting 9-6 day jobs and life in general with getting things done in our house little by little.

Well, here I am (don't you judge the bags under my eyes!), sitting with my back against our bed, on the floor. That's because my laptop is currently plugged in here, under the temporary TV stand.

From this angle I have a lovely view of our bathroom, that still doesn't have a door, let alone a finished (by finished, I mean caulked and painted) door frame. Oh yeah, we also don't have a mirror in there yet. Oh yeah, and we (or maybe just me) are still trying to figure out a decent storage solution in here. More on that in another post.

To the left of that angle is our bedroom door... well it will be our bedroom door when we caulk and paint that door frame. Both doors also have to be painted.

To my right is our little Sony TV. This is going to be the TV we end up mounting on the wall in our bedroom. It's just sitting on the floor now, collecting dust until we figure where in the house to mount the bigger TV. We have an interesting living room space that is having us scratch our heads a little bit.

I guess the point of this post was to try to be current but to also try to light a fire under my ass to make a list. A real list.. on paper.. or um, on blog. Go room by room. Then start crossing them off as we go! I was thinking of making it another page, like the ones at the top of the blog, under the header. I think I'll title it "The List." Creative, I know.

Next time I update, I hope that my list will have been started. Lucky for us, the electrician should be coming by tomorrow evening to put up our remaining light fixtures and plugs, gfcis and what nots. If our house didn't have wiring from the 40s then perhaps we would attempt this ourselves. This time we'll leave it to the pros. I would love to show before and after photos of this but they will still be "in progress" since we're not done painting yet. I'm a little bummed. We bought a cool enough pendant light for our service porch, not realizing that the back door opens right into that space. So we are having to use the previous owners old nasty globe light for now. One thing at a time...

I will try doing an update on our fixtures tomorrow! Goodnight.


  1. Just found your blog!

    You have the beginnings of something very great! Love the wall color in your bedroom and your bathroom sink and wall look GORGEOUS!!

    1. Thanks Tina! We wanted the room to be beachy. All we have so far is the wall color :) Thanks for checking it out!

  2. Hey there..thanks for stopping by my Blog :)
    Regarding your question on the sanding..definately buy a electric sander...even with that we still didn't get enough of the gloss/finish off in some spots and it kept bleeding thru. This resulted in us having to start over from scratch on some doors. I can't imagine how much elbow grease hand sanding would take!

    We used Behr paint + primer in Swiss coffee and didn't apply anything else over top.

    Love the name of your blog btw!


    1. Yikes, I definitely don't want to have to do the same thing twice. Thanks for the tip - and for stopping by!

      I hears Swiss Coffee is a nice color!