Sunday, December 8, 2013

STILL Half a Kitchen pt 1

I'm here to report that we've done nothing to the kitchen since the last time I posted. We both had a crazy busy few months; lots of work projects and lots of --what's it called?-- a wedding. Now that things have quieted down a bit, we can focus on our house!

We're looking into a refinance and a possible renovation, details coming soon.

Here's what we've been up to:
1. Furniture for our closet
We found these weird crazy bugs, which we think are carpet beetles, in our carpeted areas. We may have freaked out a little. We washed almost half of the clothes we own, since our closet situation was looking like this:

We vacuumed like crazy, sprayed some bug spray, vacuumed again and started putting together new IKEA furniture. This happened the weekend or two before our wedding. Jordan spent a lot of hours putting together 3 dressers and 1 wardrobe. Behold!

Don't judge us. I've been sick for over a week and we're in the middle of doing laundry and cleaning. Piles of clothes everywhere! Everywhere but the carpet. Anyway, the metal shelf-racks we have in the closet now just hold our shoes. All of our clothes (when clean and folded) get put into the new furniture. NO MORE BUGS! We had an exterminator come out and spray inside the house and outside. Even though we were only at our house a short time while the man sprayed outside, and then waited in the driveway for him to finish inside, I still got a massive migraine from the chemicals. He told us to leave the house for at least 4 hours. That shit was WAY strong more than 5 hours later. Those bugs better be dead. A couple days later we found 2 little guys. Jordan captured them in a baggie and they are now hanging on the fridge, just waiting for the exterminator to come back so he can positively ID them. Sounds gross, right? Not so bad. they are smaller than rice grains. I've also named them Fuzzy and Fuzz-Face. We realized today that they finally died, we think.

2. We tied the knot! After 7 months of planning and craziness, we had a really great weekend with family and friends. Jordan was a trooper but I was a mess, including falling down the stairs at my parent's house and skinning my arm 3 weeks before the wedding. (3 days after the wedding I burned my other arm with a curling iron... and today I'm getting over a bad sinus infection -- again). Anyway, everything was beautiful and beyond the stress of the planning we ended up with moments like this:

What was also special about our wedding day was that the city finally stopped by to plant our tree! I may have mentioned it briefly in this post. We took a couple of pictures when he was all leafy and happy. Today he only has a small patch of leaves...

Hopefully, we can keep the tree alive to take a picture next to it again next year. Another wedding gift for our yard is the lovely bird house we received! We're hoping for some birdies to make their home soon!

3. New Faucet! After the hot water handle stopped budging in our "master" bathroom, Jordan installed a new faucet! It's so much better!!

We have some other things going on but that can wait for part 2!
Stay tuned.

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