Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Home Ownership

In roughly a month we will be home owners. About another month after we receive the keys we can move in! Having a low budget to fix and update the electrical, plumbing, and other not-so-fun stuff, will lead us to be doing some do-it-yourself projects:

1. Bust down a small wall in the master bedroom.
2. Eventually put a doorway to the next room to make our closet.
3. Painting.
4. Figuring out how to make the kitchen look brighter.
5. Gardening.
6. Flooring (not diy but there will definitely be before and after pics!)

I'm sure this list will grow once we see the place without the current owner's stuff inside. I'm hoping to document some of the fun along the way since I love looking at before and after projects on TV and the web.

Stay tuned...

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