Monday, January 7, 2013

Update Coming!

I swear that we've been working our butts off to get more stuff done in our house. I don't have all of the photos that I'd like to share and chat about yet. Once I do there will be posts aplenty!

We had a house warming party in the middle of December aka crazy holiday month! We are still trying to find places for all of our things, new additions (from Hanukkah Harry & Santa) as well as where to put our furniture. Both with newish jobs, we are both working hard and are back to getting projects done on the weekend.

The things that I want to share with you are:
  1. Reginald our octopus key holder
  2. Our completed front door/windows
  3. The completed bookcases
  4. Our kitchen cabinets
  5. Jordan replacing drywall, with a face mask a la "Breaking Bad"
  6. Our lemon tree that pretended it was a lime tree for the summer
In the meantime, I've updated our House page! More to come.

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